StaboFix® Retaining plate

StaboFix® Retaining plates, galvanised 129073
Sales unit: 5 Pieces
Weight/item: 0.034 kg

Field of application

  • Fixing system for mounting in cramped shafts, ducts and washbasin installation


  • High flexibility due to versatile range of applications in front of and within a wall, in wall recesses, wall break-throughs as well as in supply shafts
  • The HBS-holder can be brought into shape through simple beveling on-board
  • The StaboFix® Retaining plate can be simply and quickly clipped onto the sections and enables the attachment of non-twisting and centred wall carrier plates
  • Smooth attachment of all common sanitary systems, while obtaining standard sanitary measures by means of a special hole template in the section
  • Simple height adjustment of syphon bends or cross-running pipes using StaboFix® Clamps and threaded pins
  • Pipe clamps with connection threads M8 and M8/M10 can be simply and quickly attached with StaboFix® Bolts
  • All system components are perfectly matched to each other reducing the assembly effort
  • High quality and firmness of the components
  • Effective installation due to the basic assortment of installation components
Basic data text:
StaboFix® Retaining plates, galvanised
Support channels:
for StaboFix@ fastening systems
Product type:
Accessories support channels
55 mm
75 mm