Core competencies

Fixing technology. Vibration control. Fire protection.

Our comprehensive product range offers reliable fastening solutions for a wide range of applications. Our standard range includes over 5,000 products which are always available.

Our product range is based around fixing technology, vibration control and fire protection products. These include pipe clamps and installation support channels, anchor and expansion points, as well as fire-tested products. This is our area of specialism. With our own research, development and production units, MÜPRO has become one of the leading solution providers and premium suppliers in these areas – and we are constantly expanding our fields of expertise.

Our product solutions for your applications

Over 600 fire-tested products

With over 600 fire-tested products, we are one of the leading providers in this field. In fire tests, our fastening systems are tested by external institutes with regard to their fire resistance duration. Fire test reports and expert opinions document the results on loads and deformation of the products. 

Comprehensive range of installation support channels and pipe clamps

Our range of support channels covers all load ranges and offers maximum flexibility:

  • We offer over 20 different profile cross-sections
  • Our installation support channels are available in lengths of up to 10 m
  • Our support channel system has a modular structure and offers a wide range of attachments

Our pipe clamps: solutions for all types of applications

  • Standard sizes of 6 mm to 635 mm offer a complete clamping range
  • A wide variety of connection threads ensures additional flexibility

High-grade vibration control products 

With our vibration control products, we achieve up to 10% greater vibration control compared to similar market products. Our single bossed clamp with DÄMMGULAST® yellow vibration control lining offers 22 dB(A) noise reduction – a unique feature in fixing technology. Also unique on the market is our PHONOLYT® – the only anchor point offering acoustic decoupling.

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