Analysis programmes

Simple calculations and secure planning

MÜPRO provides practical and problem-oriented support to help with all of your fixing technology needs. We offer you the following options for planning and calculation.

Calculate directly in your browser

Perform all the key calculations, from longitudinal extensions and anchor plug forces to the load-bearing capacity of wall hanger brackets directly in your browser window. The online calculation programmes are available in the navigation menu.

In the office: planning software for download

The following calculation programmes, including MP Designer 3D, are available in the form of software packages as free downloads:

  • Support channel calculation: structural analyses of support channels
  • Anchor point calculation: calculation of fixed anchor points for pipelines (axial compensators, U, L and Z bends)
  • Database with cross-sections of pipes, ducts, and material and insulation parameters
  • Permissible bending loads for threaded pins, threaded rods and threaded pipes
  • Length extension of pipelines
  • Load for PHONOLYT® kits
  • Anchor plug forces of wall hanger brackets
  • Lengths and permissible load for threaded pins for slide guides

On the go: MÜPRO Tools app

The calculation programmes are also available in the form of apps for use on mobile devices. This allows you to carry out or review your plans from any location.

MÜPRO Tools App