Construction of new hospital in Bad Homburg

Bad Homburg

Fastening solutions for a ‘regulated building of special type and use’

Hochtaunus-Kliniken gGmbH in Bad Homburg decided to use high-grade fastening solutions by MÜPRO when it built a large acute-care hospital with ultra-modern facilities and fittings in 2013.


As a regulated building of special type and use, hospitals are subject to very strict requirements in terms of vibration control and fire protection when they are built.

Construction volume: €80 million
Completed: 2013
Building type: Hospital
Requirements: Vibration control and fire protection
Country: Germany


The selected MÜPRO construction products help to ensure optimal implementation and meet the required DIN 4109 safety standards for vibration control and fire-tested fastening systems along escape and rescue routes as per the statutory requirements for passive structural fire protection. The following MÜPRO system solutions for heating, cooling, plumbing and ventilation were used for the new hospital building:

OPTIMAL Junior pipe clamps

Thanks to its safety latch mechanism, this clamp is suitable for rapid installation with one hand. The highly elastic vibration control lining also provides an improvement in noise levels of around 18 dB(A).

Insulation clamp type H

Also available in a heavy-duty design, this clamp acts as a thermally decoupled support for cooling systems or cold water pipes. It is designed to prevent temperature bridges to an optimum extent.

Duct clamps with DÄMMGULAST® vibration control lining

Installation channels with DÄMMGULAST resilient pads or DÄMMGULAST support channel profiles provide highly effective structure-borne noise damping.

StaboFix support channel system

The practical, ultra-slim StaboFix support channel system is suitable for installation within stud walls which have not yet been covered with plasterboard.

Dioxin-free MypoTHERM® Kompakt floor tube

The tube is used for insulation of pipelines in flooring. In addition to excellent structure-borne vibration control, MypoTHERM also features high resistance to water vapour diffusion.

A wide variety of other accessories were also fitted, of course, including assembly components, anchor plugs, threaded rods, anchor points, steel anchors and heavy-duty anchors.

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