MPC-Girder support

MPC-Girder support for profiles 27/18-28/30, galvanised 130286
Sales unit: 10 Pieces
Weight/item: 0.094 kg

Field of application

  • Clamping element for fastening MPC-Support channel sections between the flanges of structural steel sections


  • Ideal for attachment of pipelines and electrical systems to steel girders
  • Attachment to the girder without welding or drilling
  • Tight hold due to 3‑point load transfer on both sides
  • Lock washer for a secure hold in the channel section during installation
  • Simple attachment of pipelines using MPC-Hammer head fasteners
  • Adaptable to all girder widths on site by the length of the channel section
Basic data text:
MPC-Girder support for profiles 27/18-28/30, galvanised
Support channels:
for MPC-Profiles
Product type:
Accessories support channels
Max. recommended load:
850 N
Cut length L of the channel section:
L = B - 25 mm