Field of application

  • For anchorages of medium-weight loads in concrete and natural stone (hard) in dry interiors of buildings
  • Versatile and suitable for attachment with screws or threaded rods in all plumbing, heating and ventilation installations
  • Anchors with a length of 25 mm are admitted as multiple attachment of non-load bearing systems for use in prestressed concrete hollow core slab ceilings


  • Secure grip due to controlled splaying as the taper is driven in
  • Requires only small drilling depth
  • Flush finish with surface of the building material
  • Secure expansion force even when the mounting screw is loosened
  • European Technical Assessment (ETA) for non-cracked and cracked concrete (reduced loads)
  • If used the setting tools for check marking, test loading of the anchor is not required
  • Efficient and effortless mounting due to headed drill and plug-in setting tool
Field of application:
Natural stone, hard
Product type:
metal plugs