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Injection anchors XV Plus

Injection mortal XV Plus with 2 mixer for injection anchor XV Plus, cartridge 280 ml

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Art.no.: 162363
Content: 280 ml/capacity cartridge
Sales unit: 1 Pieces
Weight/item: 0.560 kg

Field of application

  • For anchorages free of expansion pressure in solid brick, sand-lime brick, perforated sand-lime brick and vertically perforated brick


  • European Technical Assessment for anchorages in solid and perforated blocks
  • Styrene-free two-component vinylester mortar
  • Applicable in combination with perforated sleeve in perforated blocks
  • Approved for customary threaded rods with strength verification (inspection certificate 3.1), available upon request
  • Mortar cartridge available in two versions: in double cartridge and for conventional cartridge guns
  • Clean working and controlled mixing using the mixer (can also be ordered separately)
  • Exact dosing of injection mortar due to graduated scale on the mortar cartridge
  • High-quality two-component mortar for many mounting applications
  • Highly corrosion resistant anchor rods in stainless steel HCR upon request
  • Fire protection certified for anchorages in solid blocks
Basic data text:
Injection mortal XV Plus with 2 mixer for injection anchor XV Plus, cartridge 280 ml
Field of application:
concrete non-cracked (ETA) | lime sand brick (Eta) | solid brick (ETA) | Natural stone, hard | Perforated brick (ETA)
Product type:
chemical plugs
at least +5°C cool and dry
Storage temperature:
5 °C - 25 °C
280 ml/capacity cartridge
Fire protection tested:
ETA approval:
Temperature range:
-40 °C to +120 °C
Working temperature:
+20 °C (optimal)
Usability certification: