Slide guide 4 kN

Slide guide 4 kN, connecting thread M12 / M16 / 1/2", galvanised 139936
Sales unit: 1 Pieces
Weight/item: 2.272 kg

Field of application

  • Attachment of pipes with thermal, axial expansion
  • A variety of installation possibilities (floor-mount, ceiling-mount, wallmount)
  • Suitable for pipes mounted from above and from below
  • Expansion assembly attachment as cross connection for pipe movement in axial and lateral directions


  • Smooth-running slide guide for heavy loads
  • Flat, compact design for secure mounting in cramped mounting situations
  • Large slide travel of up to 216 mm
  • Highly flexible use due to triple connection possibility with internal threads M12, M16 and external thread ½″
  • One or two pipe clamps can be mounted depending on the application
  • Quick and easy assembly due to center line and mounting marks
  • Base plate compatible with MPC, MPR and MPT-Support channel systems
  • Fire-proof design for application in escape routes and emergency routes
  • For installation situations where both axial and radial movement needs to be accommodated, a 4 kN slide guide and a 4 kN adapter slide guide can be mounted together as a cross connection
Basic data text:
Slide guide 4 kN, connecting thread M12 / M16 / 1/2", galvanised
Product type:
Expansion points
Connecting thread:
eCl@ss 7.1:
eCl@ss 11.1:
Fire protection certified:
Max. recommended load:
4,000 N
Max. slide travel:
216 mm
Temperature range:
-40 °C to +100 °C
Customs tariff number: