New warehouse for UD Chemie

Solution for cable tray and pipelines with restricted ceiling and wall fastening

Sandwich panels have shown their worth in roof and wall areas in industrial and cold storage due to the low installation effort required and their good insulating properties. They were also used in the construction of a new production facility and warehouse for UD Chemie in Wörrstadt. Along with the trapezoidal sheet ceiling used, however, the panels were a challenge in relation to fixing the cable tray and heating pipes.

Completed: 2018
Building type: Hall construction
Requirementsrestricted ceiling and wall fastening

Country: Germany


For the cable tray, loads of approx. 150 kg/m had to be taken into account for the fastening process. Furthermore, the fastening of the cable tray should also enable the heating pipes to be fastened in place. Due to the insufficient load-bearing capacity of the sandwich panels and trapezoidal sheet used, the architect in charge prohibited them from being fixed to the ceiling and corresponding walls.


For the fastening process, the MÜPRO application engineers therefore came up with a construction of MPC-support channels with an appropriately dimensioned load capacity. The support channel construction was anchored to concrete columns and T-supports on the end faces and intersections at a height of nine metres. This enabled spans of 5.5 metres to be bridged.

Support channel construction

To fasten the cable tray and heating pipes, two MPC-support channels with H-profiles now run parallel to the wall and are connected vertically by means of shorter MPC-support channels. The cable tray lies on MPC wall hangers attached to the vertical MPC-support channels. In the support channel section beneath the cable tray, the vertical support channels also serve as a base for fastening of the heating pipes.


Fastening to T support

The H-profiles are fixed to the T-support either directly via girder cleats, or, in the case of a greater distance between the H-profile and the T-support, via MPC wall hangers fixed to the T-support at right angles to the H-profiles with girder cleats.


Anchoring in concrete column

The H-profiles are securely connected to another vertical MPC support channel at one end via construction brackets. This in turn is fixed to a concrete column by means of a heavy-duty anchor BZ.

Additional stability and optimal load distribution are ensured using threaded rods fixed with turnbuckles between T-supports or the MPC support channel anchored in the concrete and the H-profiles. 

Planning and design

The responsible MÜPRO customer consultant provided ongoing expert advice on site from the planning stage through to implementation of the fastening solution. The technical development and design of the installation was carried out by the MÜPRO application engineers. With MPC support channels and accessories, it was therefore possible to meet all the requirements in relation to fastening and loads. This project also demonstrated the benefits of the modular approach, which offers a wide range of solutions for individual requirements.  

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