New construction of aquaLaatzium water park


Fastening solutions for swimming pool technology


Fastening installations for swimming pool technology involves special requirements for materials and load-bearing capacity in structures. Indoor swimming pools feature an atmosphere with increased risk of corrosion. This needs to be taken into account when selecting the fastening elements to be used in order to develop safe, long-lasting solutions.

Construction volume: > €15 million
Completed: 2001
Building type: Swimming pool
Requirements: Corrosion protection
Country: Germany


The challenges involved in the construction of the aquaLaatzium water park facility were overcome thanks to the expertise of the MÜPRO application engineers and the use of MÜPRO high-grade, functional product solutions.

  • Pipe supports in swimming pool technology through support channel construction
  • Consisting of MPC-wall hanger bracket, reinforcement angle 440 mm, mounting angle, etc.
  • Static design and material recommendation through MÜPRO application engineering
  • Pipe supports consisting of single bossed clamp without lining with 1-inch threaded connector, base plate with 1-inch sleeve welded all the way round and threaded pipe
  • Wall connection via MPC-wall hanger bracket

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