New construction at Aéroville shopping centre

223,000 MÜPRO products for pipeline fixing

In October 2013, the operator Aéroports de Paris opened an 84,000 square metre shopping and leisure centre within the catchment area of Charles de Gaulle airport. Special attention was paid to ensuring safe escape routes and low noise levels while the complex was being built. To do so, kilometres of pipelines for waste water, rainwater and the sprinkler system were installed and insulated against noise. The French company contracted to fit the pipes installed a total of around 230,000 MÜPRO products. These items ensured that strict construction technology requirements could be met. 

Construction volume: €300 million
Completed: 2013
Building type: Shopping and leisure centre
Requirements: Vibration control and fire protection
Country: France


  • Pipeline fixing technology with large spans and individual specifications
  • Fire protection and vibration control that exceed DIN specifications
  • Load capacity of sprinkler system piping systems with up to 30 bar


  • MÜPRO application engineers produced the required functional support system solutions in 2D with the help of auto CAD and carried out all other planning steps until installation.
  • Empirically calculated values from fire testing reports demonstrated the absolute maximum load-bearing capacity of the support structure combined with a high standard of fire protection.
  • Hot-dip galvanised MPT Q100 support profiles six metres in length were installed to bridge distances. These profiles can be flexibly extended within minutes using fastening elements, for example.
  • Optimum vibration control is assured with MÜPRO products with the DÄMMGULAST yellow vibration control lining, which reduces noise levels by up to 22 dB(A).
  • PHONOLYT® anchor points were used for acoustic decoupling with their highly elastic MÜPROLAN insulation material reducing the acoustic bridges between the building structure and sources of noise, even for high loads up 40 dB(A).
  • The pipes for the sprinkler system are supported with heavy-duty STATO brackets in combination with STATO clamps. This installation can withstand a compressive force of 30 bar in the event of a fire.
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