Expansion of Dresden-Kaditz sewage treatment plant


Expansion of Dresden-Kaditz sewage treatment plant 

Pipeline fastening in a corrosive atmosphere

Investments totalling €23 million were made by Stadtentwässerung Dresden for the expansion of the Dresden-Kaditz sewage treatment plant to be completed by 2018. One of the first measures began in 2015 with the structural expansion of the activated sludge plant. An extensive installation of pipeline systems for the future routing of wastewater was necessary around the new basins.

As a specialist in fixing technology with corresponding products and expertise, MÜPRO was tasked with planning and design of the pipeline installation by Stadtentwässerung Dresden.

Construction volume: €23 million
Completed: 2018
Building type: Sewage treatment plant
Requirements: Corrosion protection
Country: Germany


A comprehensive expansion concept had to be put in place within a tight timeframe for the entire pipeline installation. Loads caused by snow and wind had to be taken into account, as well as the highly corrosive atmosphere at the plant.


  • With regard to optimum corrosion protection, stainless steel fastening solutions such as MPC-support channels made from V4A stainless steel.
  • Calculations for snow and wind load were included in the comprehensive expansion concept by the MÜPRO application engineers, which have been demonstrated accordingly for the individual constructions.
  • They were aided in this and in the calculations for anchor and expansion points by the MÜPRO planning software.
  • For particularly large spans of up to 8 metres across the basins, projecting fastenings were installed, consisting of MPC-support channels with Vario-saddle supports and 1.75 kN slide guides for the anchor point fastening.
  • Large dimensions also had to be taken into account for the pipes: with nominal diameters of up to 700 mm, bolt clamps in special sizes were used along with an extended replica of the STATO bracket with custom-made MÜPRO STATO clamps.
Thanks to the detailed preliminary work with extensive sketches, calculations and corresponding verifications, there was a high degree of planning security for the stakeholders from the very beginning. Correspondingly detailed assembly instructions were derived for the implementation, which, along with the short delivery times of the stainless steel products, ensured rapid installation.
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