New anchor point anchoring system FPA

For stable pipe fixation with a flexible distance to the structure

The new anchor point anchoring system FPA from MÜPRO enables the height of the anchoring to the structure to be varied. The small number of components and the products that are easy to assemble make the system particularly user-friendly.

When fastening hot and cold pipelines, it is important to take appropriate account of pipe expansion in order to avoid expensive consequential damage. Correctly set fixed and loose points ensure that the pipelines are appropriately stable and secure. When installing fixed points, bracing that is flexible in height to the structure is often required - especially in the case of subsequent installation.

The new anchor point anchoring system FPA from MÜPRO enables such variable tensioning for three load cases: 3 kN, 11 kN and 21 kN. The system consists of at least one anchoring and support set FPA as well as the corresponding accessories.

Installed quickly and easily

The pipeline is attached to a anchor point pipe clamp via one or two threaded pipes with the aid of the support set or a base plate on the structure. The bracing is carried out at a 45 ° angle using the anchoring set using threaded rods that are stretched between the anchor point clamp and the structure. With the right selection and appropriate cutting of the threaded rods and pipes, the anchor point anchoring system FPA can be used to achieve reliable fastening with different distances between the pipe and the structure.

A matrix in the MÜPRO product catalog makes it easy to select the required products using suitable anchoring and support sets FPA and base plates, based on the load case to be taken into account. The pre-packed sets and the clear number of components simplify storage and handling on the construction site.

Extended area of ​​application: reinforcement of frame structures

In addition to bracing fixed points, the anchoring set is also suitable for bracing frame structures made from MÜPRO MPT-Support profiles. The anchoring element (M12) of the anchoring set is attached directly in the MPT rail slot with the MPT-Hammer head bolt. The tensioning of the frame leads to increased rigidity and thus stabilizes the rail construction. The exclusively hot-dip galvanized design of the anchoring element also ensures that it can be used both indoors and outdoors.
Festpunkt-Abspannsystem FPA

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