Flexible pipe slides for heavy-duty pipe fastening

Infinitely height and inclination adjustable pipe slides ensure optimum compensation for height differences and unevenness in the pipe substructure.

Flexible solutions for pipe fastening are in demand in industrial and plant engineering. The new, continuously height and incline adjustable pipe slides from MÜPRO meet this requirement. They are designed in such a way that they can be easily adapted to the height of the pipe axis and the gradient of a pipeline. The high planning effort with the usual rigid pipe bearings in the execution of slide, guide and fixed point bearings is significantly reduced and the ease of assembly increased.

Overall, the MÜPRO pipe storage range is being expanded to include 88 new items, covering nominal widths from DN 25 to 600 mm. The pipe slide type THV is available in nominal sizes DN 25 to 200 mm as a T-version with one or two pipe clamps and three adjustment ranges: 100-140, 140-180 and 180-220 mm. The pipe slide type DHV as a double web design with two pipe clamps and also three adjustment ranges ensures even more stability and safety for the larger nominal widths from DN 200 to 600 mm: 100-150, 150-200 and 200-250 mm.

Thanks to the also new matching cramping sets with and without sliding plate and the other accessories, the pipe bearings can be quickly and easily expanded to guide, slide or fixed point bearings on the construction site. Depending on the application, the combination of pipe slides and add-on parts offers a wide range of options for assembly and connection:

  • Connection to the steel structure and to rail systems for heavy-duty pipe fastening, for example to the MPT-Support profile from MÜPRO
  • As a guide bearing with or without lift-off protection and as a fixed point
  • Both standing and hanging installation possible

The new pipe slides and cramping sets with further product information are now available in the MÜPRO online shop.

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