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Field of application

  • Use for protection against corrosion and condensation as well as a protection sleeve to avoid plaster and mortar contact when laying pipelines
  • Insulation of straight or bent pipes prior to their installation


  • Fast and cost-effective solution for long pipe stretches
  • Made from high-quality MÜPROGON fibres, without chemical binders
  • 100 % synthetic
  • No aggressive adhesives used
  • Protects the pipes against corrosion
  • Moisture barrier protects against wetness and aggressive building materials
  • Highly durable and tear resistant
  • Protects pipes against acoustic bridges trasferred through paster and mortar
  • Easy to fit, even to tight bends, due to the high flexibility of the material
  • Flame resistant (fire classification B1 acc. to DIN 4102)
Protective insulation