MPC-Mounting anchors

MPC-Mounting anchor, type K6, with external thread M6, galvanised

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Type: MPC-Mounting anchors
Sales unit: 100 Pieces
Weight/item: 0.015 kg

Field of application

  • Secure and quick mounting of MPC-Support channels and other fastening elements such as wall hanger brackets, wall hanger supports, etc.
  • Also applicable in hard natural stone


  • All components are matched to each other to form a system
  • Mistakes in mounting are nearly excluded
  • Precise drilling depth due to headed drill – drilling only as deep as necessary
  • The setting tool and the anchor to be driven-in are simply placed on the headed drill. The headed drill rotates within the setting tool and the MPC-Mounting anchor is driven into the structure by the blows of the hammer drill. This enables quick and efficient work
  • European Technical Assessment (ETA)
Basic data text:
MPC-Mounting anchor, type K6, with external thread M6, galvanised
Field of application:
concrete cracked (approval for multiple attachment) | concrete non-cracked (approval for multiple attachment)
MPC-Mounting anchors
Product type:
metal plugs
Drilling depth T [mm]:
42 mm
Drilling diameter D:
6 mm
Fire protection tested:
ETA approval:
Permissible loads use of multiple fastening of non-load bearing systems concrete:
1.45 kN