MAFUND® plate

MAFUND® Plate standard, 500 x 250 x 25 mm 133990
Sales unit: 1 Pieces
Weight/item: 3.200 kg

Field of application

  • For machines, equipment, body soundproofing
  • Effective protection from shock, vibration and structure-borne noise


  • High resistance against ageing and chemical influences
  • High stability across a wide temperature range
  • Convenient, secure application through selection of load and number of MAFUND® layers
  • Durable, resilient special material with appropriately sized air ducts
  • Easy construction
  • Space-saving format
  • Decades of worldwide experience
  • High static friction ensures installation without any further fastening in most cases
  • Exceptional suspension and damping
  • Minimal material usage with high insulation effect
  • More cost-efficient than complete insulation systems
  • Extended service life of machines, equipment, etc.
  • Lower noise pollution through acoustic decoupling
Basic data text:
MAFUND® Plate standard, 500 x 250 x 25 mm
NR/SBR Polymer
25 mm
500 mm
250 mm
Loading max.:
50 N/cm²
Belastung nominal [N/cm²]:
2 - 25
Dynamic elasticity module:
441 N/cm²
Static elasticity module:
324 N/cm²
Temperature range:
-20 °C to +80 °C