Field of application

  • Thermal decoupled pipe attachment in the field of refrigeration
  • Specially suitable for attachments in ventilation, air-conditioning, heating, refrigeration installations as well as for hot and chilled water pipes


  • Rigorous avoidance of temperature bridges in hot or cold pipework
  • Rigid, highly compressed PU insulation shell for heavy loads
  • High insulation effect
  • Prevents the formation of condensation on the pipe clamp
  • High vapour diffusion resistance
  • Easy, precise installation due to centring knobs
  • Structure-borne noise damping due to DÄMMGULAST® vibration control lining with yellow identification stripe: Average sound level improvement up to 22 dB(A)
  • Surfaces free from release agents allow good bonding with the pipe insulation
Product type:
Refrigerant pipe clamps
Vibration control lining:
Average vibration reduction:
22 dB(A)