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Screws for concrete MMS-plus

type Multi-Monti®-plus (with stud and with internal thread anchor)), galvanised

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Field of application

  • For anchorages free of expansion pressure in cracked and non-cracked concrete
  • Direct mounting of attachment parts, such as brackets, support channels, base plates, etc.
  • Also applicable in lime sand brick, solid brick, clinker and natural stone
  • For anchorages in prestressed concrete hollow core slab ceilings


  • More than 25 % reduction of assembly time per attachment point
  • Versatile use in concrete and other solid building materials
  • High security, no splaying effect - thus can be placed close to the edge and to other screws
  • High load capacity due to form lock
  • Easy to withdraw, facilitates corrections during installation
  • No additional mounting or setting tools required
  • European Technical Assessment for cracked and uncracked concrete
  • Fire protection in concrete
  • Suitable for the installation of gas mains according to the TRGI (Technical Rules for Gas Installations)
  • Two effective anchorage depths for greater flexibility
  • European Technical Assessment for anchorages in prestressed concrete hollow core slab ceilings
  • General Design Certification for anchorages in masonry
Field of application:
Lime sand brick
Product type:
metal plugs