Multi-purpose plugs

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Drilling diameter D:

6 mm 8 mm 10 mm 12 mm

Field of application

  • Suitable for anchorages in concrete, plaster, gas concrete, solid brick, lime sand brick, ventilated brick, plaster board, etc.


  • Ideal for bolt screws, shoulder screws and other wood screws
  • Pointed end facilitates insertion
  • Design prevents premature splaying of the plug during insertion
  • Side barbs and pretensioning prevent the plug rotating in hole when screw is driven in
  • Secure knotting of the plug in cavity materials
  • Collar breaks off itself in case of a through-installation
  • Can be used for various of building materials
  • Also available in solid plastic case
Field of application:
Concrete cracked | Concrete non-cracked | Lime sand brick | Solid brick | Perforated brick | Gas concrete | Pumice | drywall | Solid gypsum brick | Chipboard
Product type:
Synthetics plugs