Heavy-duty anchors BZ


Field of application

  • For anchorages of medium-weight to heavy loads in cracked and non-cracked concrete
  • Attachment of wall hanger brackets, support channels, base plates, constructions made of metal and wood, cable trays, railings, etc.
  • Also applicable in hard natural stone


  • Secure anchorage due to slit splaying sleeve with serrations
  • Force-controlled splaying from the tightening torque
  • Secure splaying due to taper with slide coating
  • European Technical Assessment (ETA) for cracked concrete (tensile zone) and non-cracked concrete (compression zone)
  • Higher loading possible when used in the compression zone
  • Two effective anchorage depths for greater flexibility (maximum anchor length 210 mm)
  • Approved for seismic loads, performance categories C1 and C2 (maximum anchor length 210 mm)
Field of application:
concrete non-cracked (approval for multiple attachment)
Product type:
metal plugs