Field of application

  • Suitable for all attachment of pipes in residential constructions
  • Ideal as support for risers or suspended pipes
  • Ideal for attachment using bolt screws or shoulder screws
  • Ideal for the installation of pipes in parallel when used together with twin brackets
  • For indoor use


  • Quick and efficient attachment without fastener bolts
  • Safety fastening due to form-fit click-in
  • Self-locking due to spring effect
  • Easy to handle as the shape of the fastener is made to fit the tool
  • The pipe is free to move during the installation
  • Without fastener lugs - ideal where appearance is important
  • The slender construction without fastening lugs allows pipes to be installed close together
  • DÄMMGULAST® vibration control lining with green identification stripe: average sound level improvement up to 18 dB(A)
Product type:
Pipe clamps light load range
Vibration control lining:
Average vibration reduction:
18 dB(A)
Locking technology:
Snap-in locking