Field of application

  • Suitable for pipe attachments in industrial areas
  • Suitable for fastening of drinking water and heating pipes
  • For indoor use


  • Practical latching fastener
  • Easy clicking-in of the fastening bolt with the tip of a finger
  • High safety due to the positive-fit edge hook-in opening
  • The pipe is free to move during the installation
  • No inadvertent opening once it has clicked in, due to the safety latching fastener
  • Quick installation due to the single fastening bolt
  • The easy click-in fastener allows opening and closing of the pipe clamp with only one hand
  • Captive fastening bolt
  • Fastener retains the pipe securely even at the full opening angle of the clamp
  • DÄMMGULAST® vibration control lining with green identification stripe: average sound level improvement up to 18 dB(A)
  • Vibration control tested
  • This product is awarded with the "Gütezeichen Rohrbefestigung" (quality mark of pipe support) and is submitted to controls according to RAL-GZ 655-B
Product type:
Pipe clamps light load range
Vibration control lining:
Average vibration reduction:
18 dB(A)
Locking technology:
Quick locking