MP Designer 3D

You can use MP Designer 3D to quickly and easily generate 3D structures with MÜPRO products and import them into your CAD system. We are constantly optimising and enhancing our software. Our BIM experts therefore look forward to receiving your feedback and suggestions (link to form).

Autodesk Revit family library

With our native Revit family library you can use the MÜPRO catalog items immediately in Autodesk Revit. We offer libraries in the Revit version that suits you. This eliminates a time-consuming conversion when inserting.

Further information on the Revit family library and the current version number can be found in the release notes.

MÜPRO planning software

MÜPRO offers a variety of structural analysis programs to ensure a practical solution for all your fixing needs in the form of software packages available as free downloads.


Calculation programs included:

  • Support channel calculation: structural analyses of support channels
  • Anchor point calculation: calculation of fixed anchor points for pipelines (axial compensators, U, L and Z bends)
  • Database with cross-sections of pipes, ducts, and material and insulation parameters
  • Permissible bending loads for threaded pins, threaded rods and threaded pipes
  • Length extension of pipelines
  • Load for PHONOLYT® kits
  • Anchor plug forces of wall hanger brackets
  • Lengths and permissible load for threaded pins for slide guides