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MÜPRO-PHONEX® Anchor with collar, 10 mm

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Art.no.: 120239
Type: Anchor with collar
Diameter D: 10 mm
Sales unit: 100 Pieces
Weight/item: 0.005 kg

Field of application

  • Suitable for structure-borne noise decoupling anchorages in concrete, natural stone, solid brick, lime sand brick, ventilated brick, wood


  • Structure-borne noise isolation already integrated into the anchor
  • No additional construction space required for vibration control elements
  • Sound level reduction by up to 16 dB(A)
  • Suitable for all types of wood screws, e.g. bolt screws and shoulder screws
  • The version with vibration collar prevents structure-borne noise transmission even on wallmounted objects
  • Excellent screw guidance, no breaking out at the side
  • Suitable for wall-mounted heaters
  • Available with collar and without collar
Basic data text:
MÜPRO-PHONEX® Anchor with collar, 10 mm
Field of application:
Concrete cracked | Concrete non-cracked | Lime sand brick | Solid brick | Natural stone, hard | Perforated brick
Anchor with collar
Product type:
Synthetics plugs
Height H:
4 mm
Drilling depth T [mm]:
40 mm
Diameter D:
10 mm
Vibration control tested:
max. recommended load across:
350 N