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Anchor point pipe clamps type 170 FL

Anchor point pipe clamp type 170 FL, Iso 30 mm, 76,1 mm, galvanised

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Art.no.: 150707
Pipe outer-∅ D: 76.1 mm
Sales unit: 1 Pieces
Weight/item: 2.400 kg

Field of application

  • Thermal decoupled pipe attachment in the field of refrigeration
  • Complete anchor point pipe clamp for chilled water pipes
  • For form-locking attachments taking up axial pipe forces
  • For indoor use
  • In particular for large nominal sizes


  • Direct between pipe clamp and cold pipe: decreased heat flux between pipe and environment
  • Low thermal transfer with the insulation shells and internal clamp bracket used
  • Simplified integration in sectional pipe insulation
  • Specially suitable for attachments of steel pipelines according to DIN EN 10022
Basic data text:
Anchor point pipe clamp type 170 FL, Iso 30 mm, 76,1 mm, galvanised
Fire classification:
Product type:
Anchor point pipe clamps
Pipe outer-∅ D:
76.1 mm
Pipe outer diameter D [inch]:
Compression strength:
4.3 N/mm² at 23 °C
Insulation thickness [mm]:
30 mm
Dimension a:
50 mm
Dimension b:
100 mm
Dimension B1:
173 mm
Dimension b1:
90 mm
Dimension s1:
4 mm
Dimension V:
Max. recommended load axial:
2500 N
Max. recommended load radial:
3600 N
Material insulation shell:
Polyurethane, black
Material clamp/pressure ring:
Temperature range:
-45 °C to +105 °C
Thermal conductivity:
λ = 0.045 W/mK
Water vapour diffusion resistance [µ]:
µ = 2,500