Type: dB(A) 27
Clamping range: 32 - 35 mm
Sales unit: 1 Pieces
Weight/item: 1.465 kg

Field of application

  • The ideal component for vibration controlled anchor points for pipes to meet the vibration control requirements of DIN 4109 and VDI 4100
  • Variety of installation possibilities (floor-mount, ceiling-mount, wallmount, rail-mount, cross stay)
  • Floor mounting of pipe and duct lines
  • Ideal as vibration-isolated pipeline anchor point for downpipe support or riser pipes


  • Isolates the pipe acoustically from the building structure
  • Practical downpipe support with perfect vibration decoupling
  • Double kit for high loadings
  • Special feature: Also approved for alternating load directions on plastic piping
  • Lowest possible distance from the building structure attainable
  • Continuously adjustable wall distance due to threaded pins
  • Practical design made for easy installation
  • Fixed point for all pipe types, regardless of pipe flanges and bushings
  • Sound level reduction by up to 40 dB(A)
  • Silicone-free
Basic data text:
PHONOLYT® Anchor point for pipes, double kit dB 27, M10, 1" (31-35 mm), galvanised
dB(A) 27
Product type:
Anchor points
Threaded pins:
M10 x 55 mm
32 mm
Nominal size DN:
Vibration control tested:
Dimension A:
80 mm
Dimension G:
61 mm
Dimension H:
62 - 71 mm
Dimension L:
11 mm
Dimension L2:
122 mm
Average vibration reduction:
27 dB(A)
Clamping range:
32 - 35 mm