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MÜPRO wants to make its customers' life easier. That's why it has developed a MÜPRO professional tools app. The application helps professional users manage complex static calculations.

MÜPRO tools app for your Smartphone

MÜPRO offers three different apps. One of which is the MÜPRO tools app. The application allows you to calculate the strength of system rails. Find more information, the download link and other calculation tools provided by the app here.

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Professional Software for 3D-Constructions

MP-Designer 3D

Create 3D constructions quick and simple with your MÜPRO-Products and import these contructions into your CAD-Software. Please download MP-Designer 3d for free.

Free download MP Designer 3D

Update MP Designer 3D

Planning software

Installation Guide

To install the software, start the download and then click the Setup button. You can select the language for the user interface of the installation in the start mask of the installation program. Then follow the instructions of the installation program. The program requires at least Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows 8.

Software de planificación

MÜPRO Professional Tools App 2019-11 (deutsch,english,français,español,nederlands,русский,čeština,magyar,slovenčina,hrvatski) (111 MB)


The MüPRO professional tools app

The MüPRO professional tools app was developed by our team of engineers. The professional program is ideal for performing various static calculations. Once you have installed the app onto your PC, you have access to the following functions:

  • Rail calculation program
  • Anchor point calculation program
  • Cross sections of pipes and ducts
  • Load diagram for PHONOLYT® construction kits
  • Anchor plug strengths with wall hanger brackets
  • Linear thermal expansion of pipelines
  • Admissible bending load on threaded pins, rods and pipes

Anchor point calculation program


Pipelines expand when temperatures increase and retract when the temperatures drop. To ensure that the pipelines do not completely distort in shape, they are routed through ball bearings and defined points (so-called anchor points). The term "pipe or cable routing" is used here.

If a pipe is prevented from distorting or twisting, this results in coercive forces that must be supported by the anchor points.

If the governing conditions permit, it is usually the objective to support the pipe's longitudinal expansion by deploying elastic in the system to compensate for the load, e.g. by using u or L-bends. If there is insufficient space available to use U or L-bends, expansion joints are usually fitted.

The occurring anchor point forces can be calculated using the anchor point calculation program. The program guides the user step-by-step through the calculation using easy-to-use input fields. The work is also facilitated by database tables with a large quantity of cross section data for pipelines and expansion joint data. By changing the input data, the effect on the anchor point force can be calculated immediately. This allows users to track the effect various parameters have on the anchor point force.

Target group

  • Professional engineers (engineers specialising in building facility management).


Using the anchor point calculation program, users can perform calculations for the following situations:

  • Axial expansion joints in horizontal pipelines.
  • U-bends in horizontal pipelines.
  • L-bends in horizontal pipelines.
  • Z-bends in horizontal pipelines.
  • Horizontal pipelines clamped on both sides.
  • The calculation results can also be used with vertical pipelines. However, the loadcase weight must be taken into account.

Axial expansion joints in horizontal pipelines.

The most important data when calculating axial expansion joints is the excess or test pressure and the effective cross section of the joint. This means that the effective cross section of the joint has to be known. To avoid having to search through the expansion joint's technical data, the program allows you access to the technical data of over 5400 different expansion joints from 5 different expansion joint manufacturers. The user can also enter other data of expansion joints. A useful feature is that existing data can be copied and then altered to suit particular needs.

U, L and Z-bends in horizontal pipelines

In contrast to calculating expansion joints, the excess or test pressure only plays a minor role for U, L and Z-bend calculations. The majority of the force is caused by friction between the ball bearings. To calculate the frictional force as precisely as possible, it is necessary to gain a realistic calculation of the pipeline weight. Users can do this using the cross section database.

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