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Radiator fastening

Radiator fastening

MÜPRO has recently also started offering the ideally suitable product for almost every conceivable installation situation in the field of fastening radiators. Our extensive range covers both various console feet for the free-standing installation of radiators on the floor and drilled brackets and supports for securely fixing the radiator to the wall. Our product portfolio naturally takes account of the specifications of the new VDI Directive 6036 accordingly – the MÜPRO Expander guarantees that a variety of radiators supplied by different manufacturers can be securely fastened to comply with the directive. When it comes to our range of radiator fastenings, we pay particular attention to quick, simple installation – whether it is on a finished or unfinished floor or on a wall. MÜPRO products for fastening radiators are designed for various installation heights and require the minimum use of special tools. We supply all console feet including accessories.

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