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Our comprehensive range of products for the installation of insulated pipes covers the entire spectrum of pipe insulation requirements for plumbing, heating and air-conditioning systems. Besides simple insulation to prevent condensation, our range also includes various types of insulation for hot and cooling-system pipes made from a wide variety of insulated materials to meet complex requirements. Our portfolio is rounded off by a comprehensive selection of auxiliary items such as adhesives and sealing and adhesive tapes for making the insulation impervious to diffusion. MÜPRO pipe insulation complies with the specifications of all governing directives and guidelines.
Metal pipes made of steel, copper or cast iron can be insulated reliably against cold or heat loss just as effectively as plastic pipes. The insulation systems are used to insulate structural noise and vibration, to reduce ambient noise emission and surface temperatures in order to protect against burning and fires. The insulation also provides the pipes with protection against condensation, freezing and corrosion with cooling-system pipes. All of our products have been tested and approved for compliance with the requirements.

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