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Steel anchors

Field of application
For anchorages of medium-weight loads in concrete and natural stone (hard) in dry interiors of buildings, in damp rooms as well as outdoors
Versatilely applicable for attachment with screws or threaded rods in all plumbing, heating and ventilation installations
Dübel von 25 mm Länge sind als Mehrfachbefestigung von nichttragenden Systemen für einen Einsatz in Spannbetonhohlplattendecken zugelassen
Secure grip due to controlled splaying as the taper is driven in
Only small drilling depth required
Flush finish with surface of the building material
Secure expansion force even when the mounting screw is loosened
European Technical Assessmentl (ETA) for non-cracked and cracked concrete (reduced loads)
When using the setting tool for check marking, the load test (proof load) of the anchor is not necessary

Steel anchors

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