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Slide guide 4 kN, galvanised

Field of application
Attachment of pipes with temperature affected, axial expansion
A variety of installation possibilities (floor-mount, ceiling-mount, wallmount)
Expansion point attachment for standing and suspended pipes
Expansion point attachment as cross connection for pipe movement in axial and lateral directions
Smooth-running slide guide for high loads
Flat, compact design for secure mounting in cramped spaces
Large slide travel of up to 216 mm
Highly flexible use due to triple connection possibility with internal threads M12, M16 and external thread ½"
One or two pipe clamps can be mounted depending on the application
Quick and easy assembly due tocenter line and mounting marks
Base plate compatible with MPC, MPR and MPT-Support channel systems
Fire-proof design for use in escape routes and emergency routes
For installation situations where both axial and radial movement needs to be accommodated, a 4 kN slide guide and a 4 kN adapter slide guide can be mounted together as a cross connection

Slide guide 4 kN, galvanised

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