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Foamglass pipeholder with DÄMMGULAST® blue, galvanised

Field of application
Ideal for cooling systems in areas with special fire protection requirements
Thermally decoupled fixing of pipelines in buildings
Ideally suited for fixing pipelines that carry higher temperature media in air conditioning and heating systems, and for cooling systems and hot or cold water pipes
Reliable prevention of temperature bridges between the building and hot or cold pipelines
No damage is caused by aggressive media and atmosphere to the foam-glass insulation
Dimensionally stable under a variety of temperature and humidity conditions ‒ no changes to shape or surface are caused by the influence of climate or weather
Outstanding compressive strength
Non-combustible, does not soak up flammable liquids (materials class A1 in accordance with DIN 4102 Part 1 / Euro class A in accordance with EN 13501-1) – does not spread fire
Impermeable to water and water vapour – no soaking through of insulation material with condensed water, i.e. does not promote corrosion
Foam-glass shell and pipe clamp fitted perfectly to DÄMMGULAST® blue lining
For an optimal load transfer, the half-shells are glued to the load-distribution sleeves over their entire surface
DÄMMGULAST® Vibration control lining with blue indicator stripe, fire class B1 in accordance with DIN 4102, non-dripping in a fire
Structure-borne noise damping due DÄMMGULAST® vibration control lining with blue identification stripe: Average sound level improvement up to 16.5 dB(A)

Foamglass pipeholder with DÄMMGULAST® blue, galvanised

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