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Pipe clamps

Pipe clamps

Our range of pipe clamps provides the perfect solution for every type of application, regardless of the type of pipes to be fixed: plastic or heating pipes, heavy-duty pipes, pipes for sprinkler systems, folded spiral-seam pipes or pipes that have to withstand extreme temperatures. The design of the different types of pipe clamps took different pipe diameters into account; however they can also be manufactured to individual specifications. Our comprehensive range of pipe clamps includes noise test reports for pipe clamps with linings and fire test reports for single bossed clamps as well as the necessary VDS and FM approvals for special applications, such as sprinkler systems. Our product range is characterized by speedy installation, simple locking techniques, reliable loading values and excellent sound and vibration insulation values. MÜPRO pipe clamps with linings are easily recognisable by their coloured identification stripes, which indicate the type of application.

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