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Vibration Control

Vibration Control

Noise and vibration problems are particularly expensive sources of structural defects. It is therefore essential to provide noise and vibration insulation between pipelines and the building. Our products meet the sound insulation requirements of DIN 4109 and VDI 4100, due to their special design and the types of material used. Our vibration and noise control products are particularly unique as they are designed for a wide temperature range.
Whether you want to set up an anchor point for a water pipeline or to install a piece of equipment such as a boiler, pump or air-conditioning unit: the vibration control systems designed specifically for this purpose can be fixed to the ceiling, wall or floor and prevent any unnecessary transmission of sound or vibration. Our modular system and an application-specific designed solution from our range of vibration control products make it possible to install support channels or suspended ventilation ducts quickly and easily in every situation.

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