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Our top categories

  • Pipe clamps

    The pipe clamp that has gained a reputation as the MÜPRO pipe clamp with its insulating insert forms the core of our assortment of products in fastening equipment. For instance, you can find clamps for pipe fastenings for a wide range of applications such as refrigeration clamps or screw-on pipe clamps and a lot more. Our comprehensive line of clamps not only includes steel pipe clamps, but also pipe clamps made of stainless steel or special design pipe clamps.
  • Mounting rails

    The MÜPRO rail is still the established brand for installation rails or mounting rails among many installation companies and skilled workers. MÜPRO offers a wide range of system rails for practically any installation situation. Based on the mounting rail system, you can find rail fastenings, rail consoles or mounting rail accessories including stainless steel and hot-dip galvanised.
  • Plugs

    Plugs have a special role to play in fastening equipment. We have the right plug for practically every application, every load requirement or every solidium: nylon plugs, cavity plugs, nail plugs, impact anchors, multi-purpose plugs, steel anchors and a whole lot more.
  • Pipe insulation

    MÜPRO not only offers noise protection in the pipe clamp , but also reliable noise and heat insulation for pipe installation. You can find insulating hoses and insulating strips for every imaginable application in the insulation category. Our assortment of pipe insulations is rounded off with refrigerating insulation for pipelines and insulation for solar facilities.
  • Pipe connections

    MÜPRO has developed pipe connections specifically for house and building drainage with pipe joints for SML pipes. That means that you can connect pipes both inside and outside. As a reducing coupling, both the MÜPRO Mono pipe connection and the model of the MÜPRO Duplo pipe connection are suited for double-screw pipe connections. The EU standard EN877 states that these highly flexible securing clamps can be used for almost any construction situation with sewage systems.
  • Noise protection

    Noise decoupling is an essential quality feature of high-quality building work in installation. This is the reason why noise absorption in fastening equipment is one of the core competences with MÜPRO. Our assortment of product offers a wide range of solutions to meet such things as the requirements of DIN 4109 (noise protection in building construction). Our field workers and applications technicians would be glad to support you in any questions you may have on noise protection.
  • Fire protection

    Preventative fire protection, particularly in connection with openings, is extremely important. To professionally comply with DIN fire protection ordinances, MÜPRO not only has pipe collars for protecting pipelines and cables in buildings from fire, but also partitioning systems for solving your problems. Mounting material such as fire protection mortar or fire protection coatings top off our assortment.
  • Friction bearings

    MÜPRO has engineered heavy pipe fastenings with special emphasis on quality and toughness. Our high-performance pipe racks are always built exactly in accordance with our customers’ requirements. Our friction bearings and all accessories have standard design hot-dip galvanised surfaces. They can also be produced as ground, lacquered or coated surfaces or we can produce pipe sleds in stainless steel at your specifications.
  • Nameplates for pipes

    Among installers, namplates for pipes and ventilation lines in compliance with standards are considered a pivotal safety factor. Our pipe labelling can be used in a wide range of applications while various colours and materials (plastic nameplates for pipe identification, hot-dip galvanised sign holders for pipe marking or labelling systems made of stainless steel) offer the right solution for every usage. Furthermore, our labelling system has various accessories and mounting parts for fast and sturdy sign fastening on your equipment. Finally, you can find pipe clamps for mounting signs in our pipe clamps assortment.
  • Duct pipe clamps and other ventilating accessories

    There are special requirements made of fastening ventilation systems for mounting folded spiral-seam pipes, ventilation pipes or angular ventilation ducts. MÜPRO’s assortment makes duct pipe clamps, ventilation duct fasteners or ventilation duct angles available as fastening equipment in air conditioning and ventilation construction. Another option of our products is specialised noise insulation for each component.
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