Nylon plug Quattro®

Nylon plug Quattro with collar, 6 x 30 mm

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Art.no.: 153560
Drilling diameter D: 6 mm
Sales unit: 100 Pieces
Weight/item: 0.001 kg

Field of application

  • For anchorages in concrete, perforated brick, solid brick, lightweight concrete, calcium silicate brick and natural stone


  • 4-way expansion for optimal transfer of the force into the building material
  • Highest retaining values in the lower and middle load area, suitable for applications with chipboard screws
  • Controlled screw-in depth
  • Design prevents premature splaying while installing
  • Rotation resistance stops the plug rotating in the drill hole
Basic data text:
Nylon plug Quattro with collar, 6 x 30 mm
Anchor length [mm]:
30 mm
Field of application:
Concrete non-cracked | Solid brick | Perforated brick | Lime sand brick | Aerated concrete | Natural stone, hard
Product type:
Synthetics plugs
6 x 30
Drilling diameter D:
6 mm
Drilling depth T [mm]:
40 mm
Screw diameter:
3,5-5 mm