Claw anchors®

in plastic box, galvanised

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Anchor diameter [mm]:

6 mm 8 mm 10 mm

Length L [mm]:

32 60

Field of application

  • For anchorages in aerated and lightweight concrete, pumice masonry, lime sand brick, perforated brick, concrete and solid gypsum brick


  • Absolutely secure anchoring of wood screws in masonry due to claw design
  • Can be used with bolt screws and shoulder screws as well as with all screws with wood thread
  • Easy to insert and precise guidance of the screws due to the preformed thread
  • Can be used in accordance with TRGI (Technical Rules for Gas Installations)
Field of application:
Concrete cracked | Concrete non-cracked | Lime sand brick | Solid brick | Perforated brick | Gas concrete | Pumice | Solid gypsum brick | Wood
Product type:
metal plugs