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Anchor points / Expansion points

Anchor points / Expansion points

Pipe anchor points from MÜPRO are specially designed to absorb large compression forces and to ensure excellent force transmission, for example when used as down-pipe supports or for riser pipes. The anchor point’s design and material allow a noise reduction of up to 40 dB (A). Our range also includes pipe anchoring components for smaller loading categories. These versatile components can be fixed to walls, ceilings or floors. Anchor points for cooling-system pipes are insulated using our proven hardwood sleeves, which have excellent thermal insulation properties.
Our expansion points can easily compensate for temperature-related increases and decreases in the length of pipelines of various types, regardless of whether the points are to be used to fix small diameter plastic pipes or large steel pipes. Other benefits of MÜPRO expansion points are that they are easy to install, versatile in their types of use and are adapted to allow the appropriate amount of movement.

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