Our product range is also available for cleanrooms

Cleanrooms play a highly important role in many sectors of modern industry - for instance, semiconductor manufacture, optical and laser engineering, aerospace engineering, biosciences, medical research and food and pharmaceutical production.

We supply all products in our product range plus special parts and welded structures up to 6 m long in compliance with Class 7 cleanroom requirements in DIN EN ISO 14644-1 (= class 10,000 according to US-FED Standard 209 D).

Design and production

We integrate your cleanroom requirements into our production process:
When designing cleanroom-compatible products, we eliminate edges and surfaces where particles could accumulate. We prefer shapes which are as simple as possible, thus avoiding non-cleanable parts.

Materials and surface finishes

We offer corrosion-resistant materials and cleanroom-compatible surface coatings:
  • corrosion-resistant materials such as Grade 2A and 4A stainless steel and cleanroom-compatible surface coating, such as powder coating, also for galvanised components, in different colours
  • shock-resistant, scratchproof surfaces on coated components
  • verification using tests such as the DIN 53 151 cross cut test, the ASTM D 2794 impact test, the ISO 1520 Erichsen test or the DIN 53 152 mandrel bend test
  • outgassing behaviour of surfaces can be defined if requested.

Cleaning and packaging

We take into account your preferences from the choice of raw materials through to packaging:
  • Cleaning and packaging in a Class 7 cleanroom in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14644-1
  • Vacuum-sealed packaging, including desiccant bag to absorb moisture
  • Products packaged in outgassing-free packaging film on cleaned composite pallets
  • Customer-specific markings and special labelling