Submitting an application to MÜPRO

Submitting an application to MÜPRO

Become part of a company with long-standing tradition and a bright future. Send an application to us! Here are a few tips and some information to bear in mind when applying to work for MÜPRO.

The application process at MÜPRO

Please send your application documents via our online job application platform or by email. If you use online forms of contact, we will be able to process your application more quickly. Of course, we will also gladly accept postal applications. Send such applications to our postal address.

All applications received will be carefully checked by our Human Resources department together with the respective department concerned. Please understand that this selection process takes a certain amount of time. We will contact you as soon as possible to inform you of the status of your application. Tip: an application which is complete from the very beginning will save us time on requesting further information or documents, thus helping to speed up the application process.

Initial contact may be established in the form of a telephone interview, during which we get to know you a little and provide answers to any questions that you may have. If you are invited to an initial face-to-face interview, these usually take place in MÜPRO's head offices in Hofheim-Wallau. Interviews usually involve a representative from the department involved and a representative from Human Resources. You will have the opportunity to learn more about MÜPRO and the interview will give us a picture of you as a potential employee. A second face-to-face interview will involve the executive management and forms the basis for deciding whether to employ you or not. Depending on the post concerned, brief written or online tests may be used to supplement the application process.

Your application documents

The more relevant information we have about you, the better. An application should consist of a cover letter, a curriculum vitae and relevant proof of qualifications.

The cover letter

A cover letter forms the basis of an application and contains the following information:
  • Position which you are applying for (the particular department in the case of speculative applications): please indicate the reference code for the post concerned featured in the advert (e.g. VMA SH, MA DSA) in the reference line of your email or postal application. This makes it much easier for us to enter your application into our systems and process it.
  • Personal motivation, the reasons why you applied: you should make it clear why you are interested in the job at MÜPRO and why you in particular are the right person for the job.
  • Earliest possible starting date: please indicate any possible period of notice which you need to give, so that we can take this into account if necessary.
  • Salary expectations: we need to know your salary expectations to process your application. Please indicate a rough estimate of your expectations with regard to a gross yearly salary. We will, of course, examine this information objectively based on your qualifications and the vacancy available

Your curriculum vitae

We also need a curriculum vitae in table format with complete and correct dates (e.g. 01/2010 to 03/2011) and featuring each different stage in your career, normally starting with the completion of your school education. Parental leave, periods of unemployment and similar are also of interest to us and should be indicated in your curriculum vitae. This is the only way that we can achieve a comprehensive overall impression.

Proof of qualifications

Your CV will only be complete if you include information such as:
  • diplomas
  • employer references
  • certificates and qualifications
. If at all possible, please send us a single file with all application attachments in a PDF or Word document. This makes it easier for us to process your application.

Speculative applications

We will be pleased to receive applications from qualified, motivated candidates at any time. It is important for speculative applications to be formulated in an informative way. Please ensure that you indicate which departments or posts you are particularly interested in and why you are suitable for such a position or department.
If your profile is of interest to us, we will contact you even if we are currently unable to offer you a suitable post. This is to include your documents in our recruitment database with your permission. We will contact you at a future date if something comes up. In some cases, this may be a very short space of time.

Contact persons for applications in the HR department

Our Human Resources team will gladly answer any of your questions at any time. Please send them by email to, or give us a call between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. on work days. You can reach our head office on (+49) (0)6122 808 0.