MÜPRO provides BIM data

MÜPRO provides BIM data

Building information modelling – BIM for short – refers to the entire process of data generation, data exchange, simulation and analysis plus communication between trades involved in a project.

BIM networks constructors, architects, design planners, fitters and other contractors involved via a central 3D data model. BIM simplifies communication between participants while they plan, analyse and implement building projects and is also beneficial for subsequent building management.

MÜPRO now provides BIM data through its BIM/CAD library. This library comprises its catalogue range and is constantly being expanded. Available online at www.muepro.com/cadclick, it provides a convenient, free product data import into all established CAD programs. Depending on the target software and further processing, MÜPRO offers product data at different levels of detail (LODs), in different file formats and in the standardised IFC format for BIM data exchange in the building sector.

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You will find all products from the MÜPRO catalogue in our BIM/CAD library. You can conveniently download data in all standard format types or add them directly to your CAD system.

To the MÜPRO BIM/CAD library

You will find all supported CAD systems and CAD formats in the following overview.

Overview of supported CAD systems

Professional software for 3D structures

MP Designer 3D

You can use MP Designer 3D to quickly and easily generate 3D structures with MÜPRO products and import them into your CAD system. Download the software for free: