Tools App

Determining the load bearing capacity of system rails or testing the load on threaded pipes – these are tasks you can now complete on the road MüPRO Tools App. All of the important computation programs are now available for mobile use from now on. You can complete or check your planning independently of your location.

• variety of computation tools
• linear expansion
• load on threaded rods
• Loads on PHONOLYT® construction kits
• load on threaded tubes
• expansion absorption of pendulum hangers
• plug forces for wall hanger brackets
• load-carrying capacity of support rails

• additional computation features for technical units

Download now for Android or iPhone!

To download the app, press the corresponding button (Google play or App Store) or use the QR code for the download. How to do it? - Quite simple: use a scanner app to scan the QR code; for example, scan with your smartphone and download the MÜPRO Tools App directly.

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