Catalog App

Catalog App

The MUPRO Catalog App means that you always have the catalog and product information you need with you. Download your desired publications from the online library (WLAN connection recommended) and browse through the offers from MüPRO.

• Online portal with MUPRO publications
• Browse selected catalogues
• Full-text search
• Page overview
• Easy personalised bookmarking


Download now!

To download the app, press the corresponding button (Google play or App Store) or use the QR code for the download. How to do it? Quite simple: use a scanner app to scan the QR code; scan with your iPad and download the MUPRO Catalog App directly.

QR-Code (iPhone App)

QR-Code (Android App)

Display Publications in the Browser

Display all english publications of the app also in your web browser. To share or download a publication, open full screen by clicking on the publication.